Mar 02 2009

Ants in Dog Food?

Okay, this has never happened to me before until a few days ago. I am a dog owner myself, and after almost 4 long years of feeding my dog, ants suddenly showed up and invaded her food bowl.

Pesticides is a no-no! After some research, I found two different and 100% natural techniques to keep ants from raiding your pet’s food.

First, you can try to sprinkle ground cinnamon around your pet’s dish. The cinnamon should repel the ants. Another way is to dab a small amount of petroleum jelly around the base of the food bowl. Ants will not cross the petroleum jelly. Hopefully these simple tips will do the trick!

I have yet to try them myself. I’m not quite sure what made this happen just now, because she’s had the same dog food ever since. If any case ants do invade your pet’s food, these are two simple tips that one should try without have to worry about your pet ingesting any chemicals from pesticides!

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Filed under : Animal Welfare | 4 Comments »

4 Responses to “Ants in Dog Food?”

  1. I’ve got one grosser. Several years ago we got a moth infestation in our condo because a bag of dog food had moths in it. Yuck. It took months to get all of the moths (and their offspring) out of the house. Be wary of noisy bags of dog food.

  2. joey says:

    we think a bag of dog food we bought has ants in it. one day we noticed ants in our kitchen so we moved the dog food just in case and with in hours we had a whole colony of ants around the bag of dog food. what the hell is going on?

  3. Same thing happened to me on my last bag of dog food. My advice, clean the area where you put the food, there might be some crumbs falling off the floor when you get food, that attracts the ants. Also, seal the bag. If you did all these already, try buying a big plastic container to store the food. Try disinfecting the area, but keep it away from your pet and the food.

  4. joe says:

    draw a chalk line around the bowl or use vaseline on the outside of the bowl ants wont cross it. Or put the bowl of food in a cake pan full of water. Or put coffee grounds around the bowl.

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