Puppyproofing – Making Your Home Safe

Use this handy checklist to ensure that your house is ready for your pup before you bring him home.

Establish a puppy containment area free of loose items, such as paperwork, shoes, or towels hanging from cabinets.
Buy a crate or reliable dog/baby gate to close off your puppy containment area.
If you have blinds, make sure that the pull cord is tucked into the blinds at the top, so puppy will not chew on it or get his head through it. If you have curtains, you may want to temporarily tuck the bottoms of them behind the curtain rod at the top so that puppy does not have an urge to tug on them.
Remove anything plugged into electrical outlets where puppy will be spending time. Make sure there are no wires or cords that the pup can chew on.
Buy latches for cabinets that contain household cleaners and bleach. Keep all cleaners, antifreeze, and any chemicals locked away from puppy’s reach. Put the toilet seat down when there are cleaners in it.
Keep all plants away from puppy. For a list of poisonous plants, see the links below.
Use floor and carpet cleaners that are safe for pets. If you are unsure, call the company that makes the product.
If you are a smoker, keep all ashtrays, cigarettes, and lighters where puppy can’t get to them.
Dispose of all insect and pest traps, and mothballs.
Put chocolate away.
Keep all prescriptions, aspirin, and other medications in locked cabinet.
Keep the trashcan out of puppy’s path, or buy a trashcan that cannot be easily opened.
If you use lawn chemicals, check with the supplier for pet safety. You may want to keep the puppy in a confined area when it’s outside, where chemicals have not been sprayed.