Dog Rescue or Purchase? Which is right for you?

Now that you’ve decided to add a dog to the family you have two viable options: to adopt a rescue dog or to get a dog from a private breeder. But how do you know which works best for you? Which dog will be the best addition for you and just how vast are the differences between a rescued dog and one from a breeder anyway? Both can be wonderful choices, if you take the time to assess the outcome.

Dog Rescue

The term “rescued” still carries a certain stigma, even in this day and age. Too many people still think that all rescued dogs are aggressive, unruly, un-trainable or unpredictable. While this is a sad truth for some rescued animals, there are many good dogs waiting to be adopted. Some dogs are surrendered because the owner simply cannot care for them anymore, or are unable to take them when they move. Some have been given up because they never got any consistent training from their owners. And yes, some are taken from abusive homes or rescued from squalor (such as puppy mills).Though some rescued dogs are simply misplaced family dogs who are grateful to be back in a home, others will need more patience. These animals have all seen some trauma, even if it is simply separation from the previous owner. It will take time to earn the dog’s trust and he or she will need time to adjust to the new surroundings. Some may have separation anxiety at first, since he or she may have abandonment issues. Some may not be housebroken, or may have occasional “accidents” while learning the rules of the house. You will need to show these dogs that they are loved and that you can be trusted and be loved in return. All dogs are capable of unconditional affection, and they want to love you! Eager-to-please dogs learn quickly, and in most cases a re-homed adult dog will be settled in and fully trained before a puppy would be.

You should be 100% certain that you are able to devote the time and energy to a rescued dog. The worst thing that could happen is that this dog winds up back in rescue; abandoned again. The more this occurs, the less likely it is that this dog will find a forever home. If there is any doubt on your part, let the pooch stay with the rescuer until the perfect family comes along.

Finding the right rescue 


If you have a favorite breed, one you simply cannot live without, finding a reputable breeder is an option.Though you can’t know exactly what the dog will be like as an adult, you’ll know what kind of environment the dog comes from, the temperament of the parents and litter mates, and all of the puppy’s history. Most dogs purchased from breeders are puppies, though older or adult dogs are sometimes available as well. The most important question you need to ask yourself is do you have the time to devote to the raising of a puppy? The puppy will have had little or no training so you will have an easier time overcoming bad habits—but if you slack off, you’ll have only yourself to blame for future unsavory behavior!

Buying a dog from a breeder can be quite costly. Evaluate your financial situation to determine if you can afford all the expenses before committing to the purchase of a dog. It’s not like returning an article of clothes you realize you cannot afford: these are living creatures with feelings and needs. There are also purebred dogs in many shelters and rescue groups, as well as breed specific rescue organizations across the United States.

How do I know this breeder is responsible?