Choosing the Right Toys For Your Dog

With the diverse variety of dog toys to choose from, making your decision can be overwhelming on which ones to pick. Toys should match your dog’s size and stature. If a toy is too small for your dog, it could easily be swallowed or stuck in the throat. If the toy is too big, your dog may lose interest in it. After initially giving him/her a toy, your dog should have supervised playtime. Watch to make sure your dog does not chew the toy and shred it into pieces. A toy that breaks should be thrown away immediately, since pieces of it can be swallowed.

Toys For Power Chewers
If your dog destroys a toy, look for a more durable one. Some dogs will chew everything to pieces. Try giving these dogs hard rubber or nylon toys as these toys last longer. A good example of this type of toy is a Kong or Galileo.

Plush, Fleece and Canvas Toys
Other dogs that will chew on toys but do not necessarily ruin them can be given canvas, plush, fleece, or rope toys. Rope toys such as a Booda Bone are good for tug of war games. Be careful not to play tug of war too hard so the teeth will not break. Dogs that enjoy carrying their toys around will be thrilled with plush and fleece toys. Many of these toys have squeakers in them.

Vinyl and Latex Toys
Dogs that do not chew at all can be given vinyl or latex toys. These toys come in all shapes and colors.

Many dogs enjoy throwing around a ball and there are many types to choose from. Basic rubberand tennis balls can keep some dogs occupied for hours. Other dogs enjoy the mental stimulation of the noisy Wiggly Giggly and Talk To Me Treat balls. Other balls distribute treats as they roll across the floor.

You should offer your canine an assortment of toys and rotate the toys so they do not become bored with them. Playing with toys can provide hours of entertainment for you and your dog.